Cartier Replica Watches opened the largest boutique in London’s Harrods

Cartier worked closely with Harold and the architect Laura Gonzalez to reopen the brand’s boutique at the Fine Jewelery. After the renovation, Cartier boutique store doubled. The previous Cartier Luxury Jewelery Replica Room has been re-established as the third room of the Fine Jewelery. The Haute Horlogerie’s Room has also been extended from one floor to two floors and has special access to the street.

New Cartier replica watches ebay boutiques decorated with antique bronze, store display of precious wood and glass furniture, central ceiling with gorgeous geometric chandeliers. The boutique features an open-plan design with private salon, diamond area, women’s section and men’s section to allow customers to experience a rich and comprehensive brand world.

Laurent Feniou, managing director of Cartier Replica UK, said: “Both Cartier and Harold were founded in the mid 1800s and have flourished over the past 150 years and are now known for their dedicated pursuit of luxury aesthetics, excellence, individuality and heritage. The new Harold boutique will be historic. “