Cartier Replica cheetah series watch

2017 Geneva senior watch jewelry salon, the senior watch brand Cartier once again brought us a stylish and sophisticated time meter feast. Both design sense and practicality of the new watch once launched, it has been enthusiastic attention to the watch enthusiasts. Which will include this year’s first launch of the Cartier PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER series of watches. Brand, respectively, gold, rose gold and steel three materials interpretation of its charm, so that this watch is not only a precious timepiece, it is a graceful “jewelry”, impressive. Recently, we visited the International Trade Mall in the Cartier Replica store, found the cheetah bracelet gold and steel models are sold in the frame, the following, I would like to come together to understand: (watch model: WSPN0007)

In the female table market increasingly high voice today, non-gold that is drilled jewelry piles of timepieces, is no longer the trend of women’s watch, more of a watch design and connotation and taste of the control. Panthère de Cartier Cartier cheetah watch was born in the 20th century, the eighties, with its exquisite appearance and bold design left a deep impression. In this year’s SIHH, after a brand new interpretation, Panthère de Cartier series show modern demeanor. The new watch retains the Cartier timepiece classic sapphire crown design, show “blue blood aristocracy” style. White dial, large Roman numerals and central blue steel pointer, against each other, so that time instructions clear and intuitive.

Elegant and smooth lines of the square case, charming, gorgeous and uninhibited, showing the Panthère de Cartier Cartier replica cheetah watch to convey the aesthetic style. Five rows of gold and steel bracelet chain, soft texture, and can be perfectly fit on the wrist, together with the case to show the whole of the pure and refined beauty. With a unique style for women to create mature and elegant, confident and moving female image.
This watch carries a quartz movement to protect the watch from time to time. Watch back cover for the tight design, compared to the beautiful back through the design, you can better protect the watch movement of the safety, more reliable.

Flexible five rows of chain bracelet, carefully crafted through the brand, full of texture and attractive, impressive. This watch is the heritage of the series of delicate bracelet and gorgeous design. Both suitable for daily wear can also be used as a fitting accessories, in different occasions can be used with the exclusive style of the wearer.

Summary: In addition to steel models cheetah watch, gold and diamonds and other money is also one of them. Sub-model and small models for sale, customers can choose according to different needs favorite cheetah timepieces. It is reported that Cartier new moon phase cheap replica watches and tank series of watches have also been sold in the rack, if the money is just out of stock, the store also supports ordering services. Like Cartier this year’s new table friends can go and see, choose a choice.

Cartier TANK Replica 100th Anniversary

Cartier TANK Replica watches was born in 1917, with bold and innovative rectangular case opened a series of legend. Case and strap seamlessly become one, and compact lines of precision modeling, its free spirit and elegant temperament, it not only become a popular design, but also become the darling of each generation of celebrities.

“In 1994, the French fashion master Jean-Charles de Castelbajac in” Figaro Madame “magazine, with a hand-painted Tank watch (in addition to the world) , To express its high respect for this classic watch. According to the first World War when the Renault tank as a blueprint, both sides of the vertical lugs on behalf of the track, the case is the tank cockpit main body, has been in the watch industry smooth ride a hundred years. By celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Tank series in 2017, let’s take a look at the timetable of the timeless classic.

In 1994, the French fashion master Jean-Charles de Castelbajac in “Figaro Madame” magazine hand-painted Tank watch, and wrote, “If all the tanks are made by Cartier, we should enjoy worry-free life and world peace!”

Study Cartier Cartier’s “Tank” Tank watch, the heart will always emerge from senior watch experts and writers Franco Cologni For Cartier brand founder Louis-François Cartier’s comment: “Aesthetics and modernity, Louis Cartier is committed to integration These two words, leaving these two words, we can not understand the beginning of the Cartier watch.

In 1917, even in the war of France, I believe that Mr. Louis Cartier in the creation of the first Tank watch, the heart is still calmly embrace the two words, will create this after a hundred years, still deep for the world Love the classic watches. If the Santos watch to open the history of the watch belongs to the chapter of the watch, so that Cartier this brand was born, then the advent of Tank watch, certainly for Cartier to lay a solid foundation to make it grow up to help the greatest.

Cartier brand founder Louis-François Cartier
In the second half of 1916, coincides with the time of the first World War war, Mr. Louis Cartier from the French media concerned about the nearby Somme battle, every day for the British and French soldiers in the front of the heroic deeds of shock. September, that the front line began to use a new heavy armored vehicles, award-winning, people excited, Louis Cartier from the local L’Illustration “pictorial cover, see this was named” Le Tank ” Huge land “fearless warships”, he found around the car on both sides of the track, it is the tank break trenches ditch, the most powerful weapon, so germination of the creation of Tank watch heart.

1935 Tank Cintrée Design
Louis with a keen sense of intuition and the pursuit of aesthetics and technology, and finally in 1917 to produce TANK watch, and laid its watchmaking history undoubtedly lofty status. Watch a strong design from the popular rounded curve was completely changed, to create a unique design. Legend of the brand in December 1918 after the victory of the first world war, the first batch of Tank watch a few, donated to the US Expeditionary Force, went to the European front support John Pershing generals and his subordinate officers.

General John Pershing
Mr. Louis Cartier to square dial TANK constitute the main body, and then add both sides of the track as important lines, and the length of the track to form the part of the ear. Seemingly simple structure, but it is an important milestone in the history of the development of watches. Before the war Cartier produced Santos, Tortue and Tonneau bottle-shaped watch, are used by Santos created by the linear ear structure. And since the birth of the Tank watch, how to stabilize the ear face of a major problem finally resolved. Today, both from the structural or aesthetic point of view, the ear and the case are already difficult to separate one.
Solid foundation derived from many family elites
In fact, Tank watch in the history of the clock and the status of the global market, has been able to always fall in the hundred years the biggest reason, because it is itself set all the classic elements in one masterpiece. Radial Roman numerals, blue steel pointer, track-type minute scale ring, track-like vertical lugs, as well as crown on the round sapphire, every detail is classic. To 1917 original style Tank watch to extend the development, Cartier also continued after the development of a wide variety, each significant style, and men and women are suitable for wearing a series of cheap replica watches. One of the most familiar should be Tank Louis Cartier in 1922, Tank Américane in 1989, Tank Française in 1996, Tank Solo in 2004, Tank Anglaise in 2012 and Tank MC in 2013.

Art Deco Tank Louis Cartier (also known as Tank LC), the original name “round Tank watch (Tank bords arrondis)”, named it with other family members of the different features: the end of the ear And the edge is more rounded soft; Tank Américane’s curved case, drawing from Tank Cintrée, rectangular case to curvature larger, more slender, and the use of more modern flat octagonal crown, in terms of technology it is Brand the first arc of the waterproof watch. A birth is with a metal strap Tank Française, like a bracelet and watch the body, a closer look will be found, vertical lugs in fact some of the micro-concave, arc outline of the three-dimensional effect of the line.
Tank Solo can be said to Tank L.C. extended out of the entry section, stainless steel watch faithfully inherited all the Tank watch aesthetic elements, in the table, vertical lugs and bezel is more flat. Commonly known as the “British tank” Tank Anglaise, more reflects the characteristics of the new generation of Tank watch: case and the table into one, in the front of the watch can be more clearly see the crown protection frame, and its large models more Is the first carrying only self-made 1904 MC self-winding movement of the watch. The same use of self-made movement of the Tank MC, in the dial to add a small seconds, but also a very strong visual effect of the hollow table models.
Tank Solo series listed in 2017

Everyone loves the TANK watch
From Gary Cooper to Madonna, from Srila Raleigh to Catherine Denny, the TANK watch is regarded as a self-evident fashion sign. Since the advent of works, has been full of free spirit of the ladies and men deeply fascinated. They are still immersed in the watch to watch the simple design and harmony lines; or compared to its symbolic position, but the unique shape of the favorite plus. They have vision, feel the unique charm of the watch, and thus naturally with the establishment of a special emotion. All kinds of spread of anecdotes and records, fully embodies the charm of TANK watch.
Alain Delon found himself and the director Jean-Pierre Melville wearing the same watch during the film “Un Flicie” (Un Flic) TANK Arrondie series Watch.

Jacqueline Kennedy wear TANK watch
French fashion designer – Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) put on his TANK watch.
French famous actress Catherine Deneuve (Caesar Dani Fu) wearing a tank watch, 1984.

Andy Warhol (ANDY WARHOL) – 1975, the famous American painter, popular arts legend, New York celebrity Andy Warhol has a unique talent, he wear TANK watch never for its chain. He admitted in an interview: “I wear TANK watch, not to view the time … …”

Princess Diana wears her TANK watch.

Cartier Replica key series platinum watch

Cartier Replica has been praised by the British King Edward VII as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor”, 170 years of long history to Cartier has become the world’s jewelry, watch the field leader, brand innovation and innovative ideas and talent design By numerous royal nobles and celebrities Ascendant respected and loved. Cartier replica watches with a high degree of recognition, in particular, its key series “abalone shell” -like case with a square crown, people can recognize at a glance, today we look at this series of a platinum men’s watch The (Watch model: WGCL0005)

Cartier key series watch
Cartier’s key series of luxury replica watches smooth curve, simple lines, because it is the way the chain is like a key to turn the name. The overall shape of this table is elegant, is a simple pure three-pin watch.

White case
Watch the diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 11.76 mm, for men, the size of the control just right. 18K white gold case after polishing polished more smooth and full of metallic luster, the side of the design is very layered.

Simple dial
Dial on the center of the silver-white round dial using a fine twist pattern, the outer edge of the elegant atmosphere of the Roman numerals, six o’clock position with a date display window. Dark blue sword-shaped blue steel trumpet makes the reading simple and clear, the case of sapphire crystal glass watch to give the watch the best protection.

Inlaid gemstone crown
Side of the unique personality of the square crown is very convenient to use, the crown is also inlaid with a blue spinel, looks dark mysterious. Watch on the chain when the crown rotation like a key rotation, Smart and interesting.

Lug lines smooth
Lens conforms to the design of the case presents a very natural arc, and the case together into one, the connection is very smooth, is conducive to the cheap replica watches and wrist fit.

Strap and clasp
Classic black strap made of crocodile skin, the edge of the suture with a black suture, tailored properly, the details of the treatment is perfect, leather strap wear is also quite comfortable. Strap with platinum material folding buckle connection, black belt and silver buckle with a reasonable feeling of refined.

Back through the movement
Watch carrying 1847 MC movement, the back is back through the table, you can enjoy the operation of the internal movement. The bottom of the table with screws fixed on the case above the outer edge of the metal material, the central same as sapphire crystal glass mirror.

Watch the overall display
Summary: Cartier’s table as an elegant and simple men’s replica watches, you can set off a mature men’s temperament, suitable for any social occasions. And Cartier’s key series simple but not simple, unique shape design is also very easy to make you the focus of the crowd, in my opinion is very worthy of the bag.