About Cartier replica Contemporary Art Foundation

Fondation Cartier replica pour l’art contemporain was founded in 1984 to encourage the creation of modern art, the dissemination of artistic knowledge for the purpose of finding a global range of original works of modern art, and become a garden of contemporary artists.

As a place for dialogue, the cheap Cartier replica Foundation for Contemporary Art quickly breaks the traditional barriers and becomes an important player in the field of contemporary art. The Foundation maintains close liaison with French and other national artists and works together to fulfill the various programs and fully demonstrate its unique character. The foundation covers the contemporary art of all-encompassing, multi-open, involving painting, photography, design, photography and fashion.
The Cartier replica watches Foundation for Contemporary Art organizes theme or individual exhibitions throughout the year, and the contents of each exhibition will be compiled. Weekly “nomadic night” activities to stage art as the theme for the artists to explore the visual arts and other forms of contemporary art to establish a link between the form of a platform. The exhibitions and collections of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art will also be sent to foreign institutions, and the international image of the Foundation is increasingly being enhanced.

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