The Fake Cartier Libre Jewellery Collection – Freedom of Shape and Colour

Cartier manages to fuse a unique touch of French sophistication with a very liberal attitude towards design. Cartier’s love affair with fascinating shaped watches has lasted for a century and you’d be hard pressed to find a straightforward round Replica watch chez la Maison.

Unusual shapes, like the square Santos, the rectangular Tank, the barrel-shaped Tortue, or even the weird and wild 1967 Crash watch inspired by a Baignoire Allongée model that was purportedly mangled and melted in a car crash, have been and still are very much an identity trait of the brand.


The precursor to what eventually became known as the Baignoire was designed in 1912 and earned its unusual name in the late 1950s thanks to its strong resemblance to a bathtub. The second part of its name – allongée – refers to Baignoire models with hyper-elongated cases.

The Cartier Replica Watches Baignoire Allongée Céladon model is housed in a medium white gold case studded with Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds. Arranged freely around the elongated oval case, the electric blue tourmalines and the intense green emeralds light up the case with an almost aquatic glow. In fact, the stones – including diamonds – on the case remind me of precious barnacles on the hull of a very expensive ship.


In 2019 Cartier radically revisits the watch with a much longer and more elongated case in white gold transforming it from its original square shape into a rectangle.

The brancards of the inky-black lacquered dial are flanked by 164 brilliant-cut diamonds and the dial features two Roman numerals with an elongated VI to replicate the rectangular thrust of the design. The Tank Chinoise Red Fake Watch is powered by a quartz movement. It comes on a black alligator strap.


Don’t bother hunting for this watch in Cartier’s Luxury Swiss Fake archives because it is a new creation. Tapping into the sleek Art Deco aesthetic that has worked so well for the brand, the Diagonale plays with geometric shapes.

The Comeback of the Tonneau in the Cartier Replica Privé Collection

The Cartier Tonneau is one of the earliest wristwatches created by Cartier Replica. Only two years after the introduction of the Santos, Cartier again challenged the concept of the round pocket watch with yet another shaped wristwatch.

Among the two “Cartier Privé” watches launched for 2019, the first one is the most faithful reinterpretation of the original 1906 model. Named the Cartier Tonneau Replica Watch Large Model, it is, just like its ancestor, a time-only, hand-wound piece with an undisputable elegance.

This watch is a demonstration of savoir-faire from Cartier, which masters the use of convex and concave shapes here. The case is barrel-shaped not only in a horizontal way but also on the side. Both the Best Cartier Copy Watches dial side and the caseback are curved – but not with the same radial. The case measures now 46.1mm x 26.2mm, which remains relatively small considering current standards for men’s watches.

The dial is certainly the main update on this 2019 Cartier Privé Tonneau. Gone is the silvery-white dial with guilloché pattern and instead the Swiss Cartier Replica Watches features a grey or champagne-coloured, sunburst dial with applied and polished Roman numerals. The style is more modern yet entirely Cartier.

Powering this Fake Watch is a hand-wound manufacture movement, a shaped movement that boasts a 38h power reserve and displays the hours and minutes.