2018 Geneva International Exhibition of Haute list – Cartier Replica

In 2018 Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horloge, Cartier continued Haute Horlogerie aesthetic style, highlighting the excellence and breakthrough innovation combined style: on the one hand is delicate and delicate, unique shape of the hollow movement; the other hand, is light Transparent, attractive mysterious movement charm.

Double mysterious tourbillon watch hollow day and night watch mysterious watch
Clear and deep sense of clever collocation, set off the beauty of the iconic movement masterpiece, creating a fusion of multiple products Pierre. As a model of Cartier Haute Couture, mysterious movement was born in 1912. It is the result of a collaboration between Louis Cartier and master watchmaker Maurice Coüet. The first mysterious clock was named “Model A” and was inspired by the father of modern magic Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin.
This year, Cartier introduced two new specials, to pay tribute to this historic classic movement: double mysterious tourbillon hollow watch and day and night show mysterious watch.
Rotonde de Cartier double mysterious tourbillon hollow watch mysterious movement and skeleton movement clever fusion.
Rotonde de Cartier retrograde minutes day and night mysterious watch introduced for the first time in the mysterious field day and night to introduce this complex function.
These two watch a blend of exquisite women’s replica Cartier watches watchmaking skills, highlighting the unique style.
ROTONDE DE CARTIER double mysterious tourbillon hollow watch
Cartier 9465 MC workshop refined movement

The birth of the double mysterious tourbillon movement in 2013 at the La Chaux-de-Fonds watch workshop marked an important milestone in the history of Cartier watchmaking: the tourbillon was suspended in the air, There is no connection.

The tourbillon features a revolutionary dual-floating design: the first tourbillon frame rotates every 60 seconds; the second frame includes the entire “mysterious” section, rotating every 5 minutes. This requires extremely high levels of craftsmanship, while maintaining overall coordination, while also meeting the requirements of slim cases and complex processes:
All parts are carefully decorated by hand, after chamfering, drawing and screw head polishing and other treatment. This year’s new work, combined with the Roman figure-shaped hollow table bridge, make the watch more lightweight and delicate. Mysterious legendary magic and transparent piercing aesthetics complement each other. Watch and mysterious movement of the rounded curve, and the hollow table bridge neat geometric lines complement each other.
ROTONDE DE CARTIER day and night display mysterious watch
Cartier 9982 MC-type workshop refined movement

Rotonde de Cartier watches on its open dial equipped with two classic Cartier complex mysterious and day and night display. As two complex functions inheriting Cartier Replica watchmaking tradition, mystery and day and night display were born in 1912. The mysterious movement was originally designed as a “Model A” mysterious bell; while the “Comet” clock is equipped with a movement with day and night display.

Combined with these two complications, Cartier offers a unique masterpiece of watchmaking: the sun, driven by a mystical movement, rising and falling from left to right in the upper part of the dial to show the daylight; then the moon shows the night time. Turn the sun and the moon back alternately, showing hours and day and night, retrograde minutes are displayed in the lower part of the dial. Glyph and satin polished sun lines cleverly decorated, so that when the dial clear and clear.

Double mysterious tourbillon hollow watch
9465 MC movement, won the “Poinçon de Genève” (Geneva quality mark)
Case: Platinum
Size: 45 mm
Crown: Bezel-shaped crown, set with a cabochon sapphire
Dial: Roman figure-shaped hollow table bridge
Pointer: sword shaped blue steel pointer
Strap: Dark blue alligator strap
Clasp: 18K white gold folding clasp
Table mirror and the back: sapphire crystal
Case thickness: 12.40 mm
Waterproof depth: 3 bar (about 30 meters)
Number and limited for sale of 30
There are also platinum material, bezel set long diamond ladies watch
Cartier 9465 MC type workshop
Manual winding mechanical movement, double mysterious tourbillon,
Roman figure shaped hollow table bridge
Diameter of movement: 17 3/4 points, or 35.5 mm
The total diameter of the movement: 35.5 mm
Thickness: 6.28 mm
Gem bearing: 26
Number of parts: 286
The balance frequency: 21,600 times per hour
Power reserve: about 52 hours
Day and night show the mysterious watch

9982 MC-type movement
Case: 18K rose gold
Size: 40 mm
Crown: Bezel-shaped crown, set with a cabochon sapphire
Dial: Brown sun dial decorated dial, satin polished
Pointer: golden sun / moon shows hours, sword-shaped blue steel hands indicate minutes
Strap: Gray alligator strap
Clasp: 18K rose gold folding clasp
Table mirror and the back: sapphire crystal
Case thickness: 10.7 mm
Waterproof depth: 3 bar (about 30 meters)
There are also 18K white gold watch
Cartier 9982 MC workshop refined
Manual winding mechanical movement, mysterious day and night display, reverse jump minute display
Movement Diameter: 14 3/4 cents, or 31.98 mm
The total diameter of the movement: 31.98 mm
Thickness: 4.7 mm
Gem bearing: 26
Number of parts: 174
Balance frequency: 28,800 times per hour
Power reserve: about 48 hours

Cartier Replica Watches opened the largest boutique in London’s Harrods

Cartier worked closely with Harold and the architect Laura Gonzalez to reopen the brand’s boutique at the Fine Jewelery. After the renovation, Cartier boutique store doubled. The previous Cartier Luxury Jewelery Replica Room has been re-established as the third room of the Fine Jewelery. The Haute Horlogerie’s Room has also been extended from one floor to two floors and has special access to the street.

New Cartier replica watches ebay boutiques decorated with antique bronze, store display of precious wood and glass furniture, central ceiling with gorgeous geometric chandeliers. The boutique features an open-plan design with private salon, diamond area, women’s section and men’s section to allow customers to experience a rich and comprehensive brand world.

Laurent Feniou, managing director of Cartier Replica UK, said: “Both Cartier and Harold were founded in the mid 1800s and have flourished over the past 150 years and are now known for their dedicated pursuit of luxury aesthetics, excellence, individuality and heritage. The new Harold boutique will be historic. “